Mike's Pictures

Michael C. Hamilton, Sammamish, WA


     Below are photos mostly from the last week, some from recent weeks, and occasionally from the past year.  I normally don't continue any from the previous edition.  However, if you were interested a particular one, email me at the address above and I'll answer any questions or email the picture. 

     The photos are taken with either a Canon S120 or a Canon SX50 IS camera.  The former is used with a Leica APO Televid 82 scope (25-50x).  However, I am in the process of phasing out digiscoping in favor of the SX50.  I have tried the new SX60 and decided that it is a good camera, but not better than the SX50 (in ways that matter to me).

    This webpage is generally updated every Saturday night between 9 and 12, Pacific time.  Infrequently, I slip until Sunday.

    All pictures are copyrighted.  Download them and print them for your personal purposes, but please don't use them for presentations or, especially, commercial purposes without permission (see above email address).  Also, compiling them in any way for distribution for any purpose, without permission, is prohibited.  Thanks!


All of these pictures come from daily email's that I send.  The only charge is boredom and tedium.  If you would like to join, contact me at the email address above.

THE LATEST (11/22/2014)

all taken with the Canon SX-50

Lake Sammamish State Park boat launch:  white pelican and (mystery) loon


Sikes Lake juvenile golden eagle being chased by juvenile northern harrier

Today's deja vu attack


Black River Riperian Forest (Renton, WA)


Cedar River Park (Renton, WA)


Bob Heirman Wildlife Park (Snohomish, WA) (and along Springhetti Rd.)


Marymoor Park (Redmond, WA)


Snoqualmie Valley (around Carnation, Stillwater, and Carnation Farm) (look for the northern pigmy-owl)


Julie's backyard (Lake Tapps, WA)


Home (Sammamish, WA)